After Sales Services

Radman company with a professional team of experienced technicians, meets all your requirements in using garage equipment. These services are of the highest quality and according to the world’s newest standards.

Car Lifts

Car lifts are one of the primary and most important equipment of each garage . Depending on the type of your activity, you should choose your own proper lift. To select the best model of lift, there are many important parameters which should be considered. Rodman consultants help you to select the best option according to your requirements . Post lifts, scissor lifts, portable lifts, wheel free lifts and parking lifts are all designed for specific needs and requirements. Each of these lifts has their own categories. These categories are according to their working mechanisms, height, weight capacity and carrying specifications. Due to the variety of lifts, the need to consult with an experts is very important. Below you can find useful information about lifts.

Wheel Service Equipment

Wheel service equipment is the most commonly used product in automotive industry and is the most sensitive equipment as well. Product diversity and updates will enable you to purchase this equipment with awareness.

Wheel Aligners

CCD and 3d Wheel Aligner for passenger and commercial vehicles

Tyre changers

All Types of Tire Changers for passenger and commercial vehicles

Standard Tire Changer/ Automatic Tire Changer/ Fully Automatic Tire Changer

Wheel Balancers

All types of wheel balancer machines for commercial and passenger vehicles.

Automatic and Semi-automatic

Automative Assembly Line Equipment

Rodman with the professional team of engineers, designers and business development experts, successfully equips the final assembly line of automotive industries with the highest quality equipment. Products including the basic equipment to final testing systems.
Our consultants team involving of engineers and designers with creative ideas, will guarantee to help your projects from A to Z.

To launch your assembly line, you can benefit our experienced team of engineers in the shortest time.

Automative Testing Equipment products

Engine Dynamometer

Engine Dynamometer

Chassis Dynamometer

Chassis Dynamometer

Transmission Dynamometer

Transmission Dynamometer

Rodman Company has one of the most equipped calibration and measurement laboratories. This laboratory uses the worlds latest standards to calibrate and measure your equipment. Rodman Laboratory has all the required certificates from reputable institutions for its activities.

Checking the calibration of all equipment according to worlds standards with the most accuracy in a Rodman equipped laboratory


Performance Certificate

Verification and certification of equipment proper performance according to standards and measurement by the best technicians in Rodman equipped laboratory with the most accuracy.